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The #1 Reason Why Advertising on Fayetteville Radio Can Fail

Sep 27, 2019 7:31:00 AM / by Larry Julius

Sometimes, radio advertising fails. There can be no debate, though, when implemented correctly, advertising on Fayetteville radio works, and works well.

“I can testify,” says Carolyn Barbour, “our radio advertising has created lifetime customers for our company.” 

Ms. Barbour and her husband Tommy own Budget Rooter, a Fayetteville based plumbing company with a long list of commercial, residential, and industrial customers. “We’ve tried other forms of advertising,” continues Ms. Barbour, “but they have all failed us.” 

Since 2007, Budget Rooter has not missed a single month of advertising on Fayetteville radio.  “Our radio ads have been so successful,” says Ms. Barbour. “we have increased the number of stations we run commercials on from two to five.”

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