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Stuck In Customers' Heads: Jingles Are Effective On Fayetteville Radio

Jan 24, 2019 8:00:00 AM / by Larry Julius

Cape Fear Flooring has been advertising for 18 years on Fayetteville radio.  Aime Crouter, the company's co-owner, says, "since we started advertising on the radio we've never stopped. Radio has provided an excellent return-on-investment for us."

Ten years ago, Ms. Crouter asked a local recording studio in Fayetteville to produce a jingle for the company. “Although we have freshened up the music in it a few times over the years,” she says, “the message has remained the same. The words ‘together we make it home’ are always how the jingle ends.”

“The car I drive has a Cape Fear Flooring logo on it.” says Ms. Crouter. “When people see me in it, they always sing our jingle…word for word. Clearly, our radio commercials are working like they are supposed to.”

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