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Advertise In Fayetteville: Shoppers' Needs Are Changing...Again!

Sep 29, 2020 8:28:44 AM / by Larry Julius

There are over 349,000 adult consumers in the Fayetteville area. Collectively, in a typical year, these shoppers would generate $8.5 billion in retail sales. This money would be spent on cars, shoes, fast-food, entertainment, groceries, mattresses, adult beverages, haircuts, makeup, and an over-abundance of other of goods and services. Their money was being spent on both the essential and the frivolous. 

The way Fayetteville consumers spend money changed radically in March as COVID-19 began to spread. Six months into the pandemic, shopping strategies are about to change again.

It started with panic buying. Consumers began ignoring prices and were paying what was ever necessary to ensure the safety, health, and comfort of their families.  According to Nielsen, this sudden spike in demand caused widespread price increases. To put it in perspective, retail prices shot-up in 64% of all product categories stocked in grocery stores.

Almost immediately, advertising messages from local retailers shifted from promises of low prices and convenience to product availability and shopper safety.

Based on new research from Nielsen, consumers' shopping strategies are beginning to shift again. This will require Fayetteville small business owners and retailers to also change their advertising strategies, too.

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How Has Working From Home Affected Advertising On Fayetteville Radio?

Aug 24, 2020 6:45:00 AM / by Larry Julius

Before COVID-19, most listening to Fayetteville radio happened outside the home. Consumers were tuning-in to their favorite stations from the car on the way to their job. Then, they tuned-in when they arrived at work. They listened again during the commute back home.

Nielsen recently surveyed consumers who worked from home before and during the novel coronavirus outbreak. The results show, as of June, 66% of respondents now work from home full-time as a consequence of the pandemic.

As consumers are compelled to work from their houses and curtail their commutes, the share of at-home listening to Fayetteville radio has grown by 27%, according to Nielsen.

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Advertise In Fayetteville: Radio Listening Little Change vs. Last Year

Aug 10, 2020 7:02:04 AM / by Larry Julius

During the Spring of this year, 243,400 adult radio-listeners spent 1.96 hours per day listening to their favorite Fayetteville stations, according to Nielsen. Although local consumers had spent fewer minutes listening at the onset of the pandemic, the current time tuned-in remains little change compared to a year ago.

Some advertising experts had predicted that as consumers spent more time at home because of COVID-19 concerns, the hours devoted to radio listening would decrease. That, however, was not the case.

In Spring of 2019, according to Nielsen, 32.1% of radio listening occurred at home. During July of this year, in-home listening jumped to 41%. Despite the reduction in out-of-home activities, though, consumers still spent the exact amount of time listening to Fayetteville radio.

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