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Fayetteville Radio Listeners Will Power The Post-Pandemic Recovery

Jun 10, 2020 4:26:51 PM / by Larry Julius

At the dawn of 2020, Fayetteville small business owners were expecting the area's retail economy to expand by 4.1%. This optimism was stoked by the National Retail Federation's chief economist who said, "Consumers remain upbeat and have the confidence to spend, and the steady wage growth that has come with the strong job market is fueling their spending. The state of the consumer is very healthy."

By February, however, the country entered into a COVID-19 induced recession. Then, to slow the spread of the pandemic, on March 30, the Governor of North Carolina locked the state down. This brought the Fayetteville area's $8.1 billion retail economy to a standstill.

As stores, restaurants, and offices in the Fayetteville area begin to re-open, consumers' appetite for spending is returning. According to Nielsen, loyal radio listeners are very likely to be first in line at the cash registers.

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