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Proof: Advertising On Fayetteville Radio Boosts Top Of Mind Awareness

Jun 3, 2019 7:40:00 AM / by Larry Julius

Fayetteville consumers will spend $7.1 billion on goods and services over the next year. To claim a significant portion of those expenditures, small business owners need to be at the top of customers' minds when it comes time to buy.

Since 1939, when WFNC became the first radio station in Fayetteville, thousands of business owners knew, intuitively, that advertising on the medium was a potent way to be remembered when a purchase was imminent. 

Now there is proof that radio advertising creates the brand awareness necessary to drive sales.

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Fayetteville Tire Dealer Drives Sales With Payday Ads on Local Radio

Dec 31, 2018 11:02:27 AM / by Larry Julius

When Joe Quigg was a kid growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, he purchased his first set of tires from Ed’s Tire & Auto Service. His sister shopped there. His mom and dad shopped there. Then, in 2004, after 20 years of living elsewhere, Joe purchased the company from the original owner, Ed Melvin.

If you were one of the 288,946 consumers who tuned-in to a local radio station last week, chances are you heard a commercial for Ed’s Tire & Auto Service. Advertising on Fayetteville radio is the only medium Mr. Quigg currently uses to promote his business

“Every week that goes by,” says Mr. Quigg, “five or six customers tell me they came in because they heard us on the radio.”

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