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Advertising in Fayetteville: Proof Positive Radio Commercials Work

Jan 28, 2019 7:01:00 AM / by Larry Julius

Proof Advertising On Fayetteville Radio WorksCarolyn Barbour who, along with her husband Tommy, own Budget Rooter, a successful plumbing company. They have been advertising on Fayetteville radio consistently for the past 11 years.

At a recent pluming convention, an industry consultant suggested to the Barbours that radio advertising might not be the most effective way to advertise. “No, no, no,” Ms. Barbour told him. “For us, radio is tried and true.  When people in Fayetteville have an urgent plumbing problem, because of our radio advertising, we are the only name they know.” 

A recent study conducted by MARU/Vision Critical, an international consumer research company, proves Ms. Barbour's point that advertising on Fayetteville radio generates sales.

Here are the results of the study:

  • Awareness for the breakfast brand products grew +7% and +12%. As a result of the AM/FM radio campaign, product awareness increased. Heavy AM/FM radio listeners, in particular, were more likely to be aware of the breakfast brand’s products.
  • Purchase behavior increased +13% for the parent brand after exposure to the AM/FM radio campaign. After the AM/FM radio campaign period, +13% more consumers said they purchased products from the breakfast brand. Nearly one in three adults would be very likely to buy the breakfast brand’s products after hearing the AM/FM radio ad.
  • AM/FM radio grew product trial and brand awareness +26%. After the radio campaign, +26% more respondents said they were aware of the product category and actually tried it.

Radio Advertising Drives Action

Pierre Brouvard, Chief Insights Officer at Westwood One, the company that commissioned the study, says, "Whether the goal is to drive purchase, tune-in, or store traffic, AM/FM radio has a track record of delivering a positive return for brands. AM/FM radio’s power as a medium that drives action is evident."

Fayetteville Small Business Owner Joe Quigg of Ed's TiresJoe Quigg, owner of Ed's Tire & Auto Service in Fayetteville measures the success of his company's radio advertising at the cash register.

“When it comes to spending money, I am very conservative,” continues Mr. Quigg. “I don’t like spending money I don’t have to. Our sales have grown every year since I have owned the business. Radio has been a big spend for us, but it has also been a big part of our growth. I wouldn’t be willing to do without it.”

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