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Advertising In Fayetteville: Don't Say 'March Madness'

Feb 21, 2022 4:22:14 PM / by Larry Julius

Right now, at least one of the 9,852 businesses located in the Fayetteville, NC area is thinking about using the phrase 'March Madness' as part of upcoming advertising and marketing plans. Why not? It's a great use of alliteration. It's a familiar term. And, it's that time of year.

A furniture store in Hope Mills might think it would be clever to use 'March Madness' in its commercials on Fayetteville radio to promote a big spring sale. A non-profit in Fort Bragg feels it would be a good way to describe its charity fun run on social media and online advertising. A sports bar in Spring Lake believes it would be a no-brainer to use the term in streaming video and audio ads to bring in scores of basketball fans.

It is, indeed,  tempting for a Fayetteville small business owner to use this term for advertising or marketing purposes. But,  to avoid a costly legal battle, the use of this trademarked phrase should be a non-starter. Here's why.

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