Verdict: Fayetteville Radio Stations Drive Clients to Local Lawyers

Mar 27, 2019 12:43:13 PM / by Larry Julius

judge with gavle and wigOver the next 12 months, 21,000 people in Fayetteville will seek the help of a local attorney.  These clients will generate more than $77,000,000 in legal fees for services including real estate transactions, bankruptcies, criminal defense, traffic offenses, personal injury, divorce, estate planning, and civil matters.

There are 24,000 lawyers to choose from in North Carolina. So, what can a local attorney do to compete for a share of this mammoth pool of billable hours? He or she can do what hundreds of other successful small business owners do: advertise on Fayetteville radio.

Here is the evidence:

According to Nielsen, advertising on Fayetteville radio reaches 94.3% of consumers who are likely to hire an attorney. This is significantly greater than the number of potential clients who will read a local newspaper, watch local TV, or logon to a streaming audio site like Pandora and Spotify.

Advertising in Fayetteville Attorneys Lawyers

Here is the most powerful way advertising on Fayetteville radio can help local attorneys attract new clients.

According to a survey by FindLaw.com, 59% of consumers with a legal need will engage an attorney within one week. The survey also indicates that clients will only consult only one attorney.

Most importantly, 60% of legal consumers will find their attorney via internet search. Unfortunately, a Google search will deliver more than 9000 results.

Ergo, (legal speak for therefore), the best chance an attorney has to gain a new client is to compel the prospect to visit the firm's website.

Radio Advertising Drives Website Traffic

A new study by Analytic Owl, an advertising attribution company, indicates that advertising on Fayetteville radio is a potent way to bring potential clients to an attorney's website.

The study shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, radio advertising increases visits to lawyers' websites by 5%. This is a huge advantage given the fact that the majority of clients will only consider a single attorney.

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The Analytic Owl study also reveals that for attorneys whose objective is to drive prospective clients to their website, it is critical to advertise on Fayetteville during all times of day.

Predictably, radio advertising had the greatest effect on visits to attorneys websites between 6:00am and 8:00pm. That is, after all, radio's prime time.

The study also concluded, however, that advertising during the evening and overnight hours also created significant traffic lift for attorneys' websites.

Advertising in Fayetteville Drives Website Traffic

Attorney Nicole Cotton can speak first hand how advertising on Fayetteville radio contributed to her firm's success.

Ms. Cotton began advertising on Fayetteville radio in 2010 shortly after opening her first law office in Robeson County. In every radio commercial, she included her slogan “Cotton is my Fayetteville Small Business Owner Nicole Cotton Lawyername, but I’m no softy”. “Within three months,” she recalls, “people were coming up to me every single day and repeating that slogan.”

In the early days of her practice, Ms. Cotton limited her radio advertising to a single, mass-appeal Fayetteville radio station. “As my practice has diversified, though, I now use multiple stations. I need to go where my clients are listening.”

Recently, another Fayetteville small business owner asked Ms. Cotton’s advice about using local radio. “To be successful, it’s important to let customers know you’re an option. Your competitors are already out there. You need to be on the radio to let the community know you are here and what you do that is unique.”

“Advertising on the radio,” Ms. Cotton concludes, “gives your business credibility.”

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