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Why Tax Preparation Services in Fayetteville Must Advertise

Nov 11, 2019 9:05:00 AM / by Larry Julius

By April 15th next year, 161,148 residents of Fayetteville will file a tax return.  More than 53% of these returns will be completed by the taxpayer themselves, either by hand or with the help of an online provider like Turbotax.

Every season, Fayetteville small business owners who specialize in tax preparation services lose customers to the do-it-yourself options.  This year, 75,519 local consumers will spend $14.5 million with professionals. But, based on the average cost of services, more than $16.6 million will stay in the wallets of the DIY crowd.

To clawback this enormous amount of money from the DIY market, Fayetteville's tax services will need to advertise the valuable benefits of using a professional.

The best advertising option for professional tax professionals is on Fayetteville radio stations. Here's why.

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