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Advertising On Fayetteville Radio Is More Effective Than TV

Jun 17, 2019 7:28:00 AM / by Larry Julius

There are two reasons why advertising on Fayetteville radio station is more effective than advertising on TV.

The first reason is reach.  In a study conducted by Nielsen, the number of consumers who are exposed to a commercial contributes profoundly to the number of sales it will create.  This is discussed in depth in the free eBook, "Seven Steps For Advertising Successfully In Fayetteville."

In Fayetteville, among all media, radio offers local advertisers the biggest reach.

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The second reason why radio advertising is so powerful has been revealed in a new study Mindshare, an advertising agency that buys media for some of the most successful companies in the world including General Mills, Nestlé, Domino's, IBM, Rolex, and John Deere.The Mindshare study indicates that when a brand tells a story using audio media, it elicits a 21% higher emotional intensity than the same story told using visual media.

According to AdWeek, the Mindshare study used brain activity detected from electroencephalograms (EEGS) and galvanic skin response technology (which measures changes in sweat gland activity) to get a deeper sense of how advertising resonates with people.

Adweek quotes Mindshare's Arafel Buzan as saying, “Sound and the human experience are intimately and neurologically linked. It’s the first language we learn, and from infancy is processed faster and with greater emotional prioritization than any of our other senses.”

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Ms. Buzan goes on to say, "The longstanding rule in creative, that storytelling requires sight, sound, and motion, has also insisted that sight is the most important part of that equation. So while over the years marketers have made the choices to buy visual-only mediums, the industry has largely devalued the potential of sound existing on its own for storytelling.”

Many local small business owners and marketers have discovered the power of telling their stories with advertising on Fayetteville radio stations.

Fayetteville Small Business Owner Nicole Cotton Lawyer

Attorney Nicole Cotton can speak first hand how advertising on Fayetteville radio contributed to her firm's success.

Ms. Cotton began advertising on Fayetteville radio in 2010 shortly after opening her first law office in Robeson County. In every radio commercial, she included her slogan “Cotton is my name, but I’m no softy”. “Within three months,” she recalls, “people were coming up to me every single day and repeating that slogan.”

In the early days of her practice, Ms. Cotton limited her radio advertising to a single, mass-appeal Fayetteville radio station. “As my practice has diversified, though, I now use multiple stations. I need to go where my clients are listening.”

Recently, another Fayetteville small business owner asked Ms. Cotton’s advice about using local radio. “To be successful, it’s important to let customers know you’re an option. Your competitors are already out there. You need to be on the radio to let the community know you are here and what you do that is unique.”

“Advertising on the radio,” Ms. Cotton concludes, “gives your business credibility.”

A Fayetteville plumbing company has had similar success.

How To Advertise In Fayetteville“I can testify,” says Carolyn Barbour, “our radio advertising has created lifetime customers for our company.” 

Ms. Barbour and her husband Tommy own Budget Rooter, a local plumbing company with a long list of commercial, residential, and industrial customers. “We’ve tried other forms of advertising,” continues Ms. Barbour, “but they have all failed us.” 

Since 2007, Budget Rooter has not missed a single month of advertising on Fayetteville radio.  “Our radio ads have been so successful,” says Ms. Barbour. “we have increased the number of stations we run commercials on from two to five.” 

The Barbours are constantly reminded of how their consistent use of radio advertising contributes to the success of Budget Rooter.  “There is local nursing home who lost their heat late one evening,” recounts Ms. Barbour. “The night staff had no idea who to call.  They could not remember our name. But they could recall our ‘don’t flush’ slogan from the radio commercial. So, they typed the slogan into Google and there we were.” 

At a recent Plumbing convention, an industry consultant suggested to the Barbours that radio advertising might not be the most effective way to advertise. “No, no, no,” Ms. Barbour told him. “For us, radio is tried and true.  When people in Fayetteville have an urgent plumbing problem, because of our radio advertising, we are the only name they know.” 

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