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Advertising In Fayetteville: Time For Local Jewelry Stores To Shine

Jun 13, 2020 9:42:59 AM / by Larry Julius

Jewelry Store Advertising FayettevilleDespite the pandemic, Fayetteville area consumers are expected to spend $22 million on fine jewelry this year. Based on projections from IBISWorld, here's what will be purchased:

  • $9 million worth of diamonds
  • $3 million worth of watches
  • $2 million worth of gold
  • $2 million worth of pearls and gemstones
  • $4 million in other goods and services

North Carolina business owners will now have an easier time capturing a bigger share of jewelry expenditures as a monster competitive force disappears.

This week, Signet, the largest jewelry retailer in the country, announced that by December, it would be closing over 380 stores.  Signet's brands familiar to local consumers include Kay, Jared, Zales, and Piercing Pagoda.

To successfully compete for the void created by fewer Signet stores, local retailers will need to advertise, especially between now and the end of the year. This is when 63% of all fine-jewelry sales traditionally occur.

By any metric, the best way to reach local jewelry buyers is by advertising on Fayetteville radio.

Advertise In Fayettville ResourcesAccording to Nielsen, of all the media elements of an advertising campaign, the number of different people reached has the greatest effect on sales.

Each week, Fayetteville radio reaches significantly more jewelry buyers than all other media options. More than local or pay-TV. More than social media. More than newspaper. And, more than streaming audio sites like Pandora or Spotify.

Advertising In Fayetteville Jewelry Stores

The most lucrative segment of the market for any jewelry store, however, is their bridal business. Engagement rings, wedding rings, and gifts can account for up to 40% of annual sales.

Fayetteville radio also reaches, by far, the most consumers planning to be married within the next 12 months.

Advertise In Fayetteville: Jewelry Stores

Of all media, advertising on Fayetteville radio can provide any retailer, including local jewelry stores, with a remarkably strong return-on-investment.

Nielsen has conducted more than 20 studies measuring the ROI radio advertising delivers. Across all business types, radio returned $1000 in sales for every $100 invested, or 10%. The results specifically for retailers ranged from 11%-23%.

Local jewelers have fewer than six months to make a difference in their sales for the rest of the year. Now is the time to shine. Advertising can make all the difference.

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