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Social Media Advertising vs. Fayetteville Radio

Aug 9, 2019 11:25:59 AM / by Larry Julius

Advertise On Social Media in Fayetteville, NCThe first radio station in Fayetteville went on-the-air in 1939.  Sixty-five years later, Facebook inaugurated the social media era.  Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, and hundreds of other sites quickly followed.

As social media matured from a novelty to part of consumers' daily rituals, some Fayetteville business owners began to experiment with advertising.

By every key advertising metric, though, Fayetteville radio remains the best choice for a small business to market their goods and services. Here's why.

Last week, according to Nielsen, 288,496 adult consumers in Fayetteville tuned-in to a local radio station.  That is significantly more than logged-on to any social media site over an entire month.

Advertise In Fayetteville Social Media

Even among millennials in Fayetteville, AM/FM radio engages more consumers each week than social media sites reach over an entire month.

Advertising In Fayetteville Millennial Social Media Reach

In addition to reach, the amount of time spent with a medium is essential to the success of an advertising campaign. The longer consumers are engaged, the more available they are to hear a marketer's message.  

Adult Spend 144 Minutes Per Day With Radio

According to Nielsen, adult consumers spend more than 144 minutes a day listening to radio.  The largest social media sites, on the other hand, engage its users for less than 25% of that time, according to eMarketer.

Advertising in Fayetteville Social Media

The fact is, 75% percent of Fayetteville consumers do access their social media accounts during the course of the month. Small business owners, however, do not need to buy social media advertising to reach that audience.

According to Nielsen, 93% of all social media users can be reached each week on Fayetteville radio stations.

Advertise On Social Media in Fayetteville

If executed correctly, social media advertising in Fayetteville can contribute to the success of an advertising campaign.  When, however, local business owners are limited by budget, the best way to advertise is on the radio.

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