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What Is The Best Way To Reach Fayetteville Consumers?

Nov 16, 2019 3:01:00 PM / by Larry Julius

Best Way To Advertise Small Business In FayettevilleAsk any North Carolina small business owner how to measure the success of an advertising campaign. The answer will almost always 'sales.'

According to Nielsen research, the media-element of a campaign that has the most significant effect on sales is reach. This is the number of different people exposed to the advertiser's message.

There are more ways than ever to advertise. But, which of those options has the largest reach among Fayetteville consumers?

Doug Schoen, an advertising professional with 35 years of experience, writes in Forbes: "You wouldn’t know it from all the media coverage focused on streaming video and streaming music, but radio actually has the most reach among American media consumers. 93% of adults listen to the radio each week as compared to 87% who watch TV, a substantive difference."

Last week, for example, 288,946  adult consumers tuned-in to a Fayetteville radio station. This is substantially more than watched local TV, used a social media site like Facebook or Instagram, reach a newspaper, or streamed audio from Pandora and Spotify.

Fayetteville Media Reach By Percentage

Furthermore, radio's reach is dominant among consumers of every generation. This includes millennials, who despite an affinity for all things digital, still tune-in to local stations in massive numbers.

Holiday Advertising In Fayetteville Media Reach

Although the reach of an advertising campaign is the most potent media component, Nielsen indicates targeting plays an important role as well.  In other words,  it is also valuable to ensure that a company's messaging reaches the Fayetteville consumers who are most likely to become customers.

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For almost every category of business, the targeted reach of Fayetteville radio is superior to other advertising options. This includes consumers in the market for cars, houses, furniture, mattresses, pet supplies, tax preparation services, and restaurant meals.Advertise in Fayetteville Planned Household Purchases

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Advertise A Restaurant In FayettevilleRadio's unmatched ability to provide the media components essential for an effective advertising campaign has impressed Deloitte, the world's largest business consulting firm.

Deloitte recommends that "radio advertising should be a big part of the mix for those buying advertising."

"Radio’s weekly reach, the percentage of people who listen to radio at least once per week, has been remarkably stable in the United States," says Deloitte. "Not only has reach hovered around 94% for the last few years, but that number is essentially unchanged from the 94.9% percent figure in spring 2001 when Apple introduced the iPod."

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